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For The King. It’s Fun… For Some.

Jan 2021 15

Recently got to playing a game on Steam called for the King. It’s fun. The game starts with a set of campaigns for you to choose from there you (and up to two other players) choose from a set of character classes and the game drops you on a board where you will move your characters around. You move with set goals depending on the campaign as well as quests you might earn in towns you land on. As you move your characters around the board you may come across random events and enemies to fight. Once you land on an enemies space a turn based battle á la Final Fantasy starts. Those brought into the fight depend on how close other allies and enemies are to it. You have a set amount of revives for you characters from a pool of lives you and your party share. If you all die with no extra lives in the pool the game is over and you have to restart the campaign from the beginning. Every time you start a campaign elements of the map are randomized to change things up.

Many people like to use the term rogue-lite when they try the game or hear the details of it. I don’t. It doesn’t feel so much like a rogue-lite as much as it feels like a board game. In the same way that every game on monopoly will be a little different so is the case with For The King.

If you’re not the type of person who enjoys any sort of board game I feel compelled to say that you might not enjoy playing it. In my circle of friends not many play board games and the words rogue-lite and rogue-like is considered a dirty word. Most I’ve tried playing this game with don’t enjoy it. When they play game there is already an expectation of what a turn-based RPG game should be in their heads in this doesn’t meet that. The pal I actually a campaign mode with was even irritated with the game a bit after we beat. The game just ended though he wanted to go back with the character he had been working on in game and finish some side quests and continue exploring. Like a board game though, once you win – you win. The end.

I’ll update this post with some pictures later when I get the chance.


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