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Battle Network Was Kinda’ Spot On

Apr 2021 23

Back in Middle School the Nintendo Game Boy Advance (GBA) was the console to have. It let you show off your game to friends and if you had a link cable you and your pals could set up a nice little multiplayer game too. One game that was popular between my group of friends was Mega Man Battle Network. It’s a silly game where a kid has what amounts to a virtual pet that fights viruses in a world where everything is connected to the internet. My friends and I used to laugh about the premise a bit. The first boss you fight in the game takes over your character’s oven at home causing a fire. Why would you ever make an oven that connects to the internet? That’d never happen…

It’s moving towards that direction it seems.

I think it funny how accurate that game was. At the time we all thought the game’s setting of a world where everything was connected to the internet was ridiculous, from ovens, to chalkboards, to plush toys. The Internet Of Things (IOT) came in soon and it predicted most of those things spot on. Now I find myself arguing with other people online asking why so many things even need to be connected to the internet.

The next big that’s coming along is our interaction with our devices and internet. It seems like that’s slowly moving towards voice. Big companies are supplying us with access to their AI assistants allowing us to simply ask for our lights to be turned on, our air conditioning to be turned up, and our TVs to record or favorite shows – Though that’s in our homes specifically. In our pockets are our Smart Phones that travel with is which we ask for directions to places we need to drive to, ask to be reminded of something important to do later on the day, and to play our favorite music play lists when things get too quite.

Screenshot from Mega Battle Network 5
Your new AI assistant.

I can see that aspect of things evolving down the line. Virtual assistants will be able to better imitate human interaction down the road and instead of command and questions we’ll have conversations with our AI assistants. To match that we’ll get some type of digital representation of that assistant as well as probably a selection of voices sold to us at a premium. Down the line these will be how we interact with the internet and even represent us online. They’ll take our messages for us and the like. Those clever enough will even give their own flare and create their own designs and looks for their assistant. As time goes on we’ll want to be sure of who we’re dealing with. That these digital representations are representing who they say they do so you’ll probably see some sort of block chain solution to better keep track of who doing what with who and what transactions have been agreed to and completed. Though this doesn’t take into account virtual reality either. That’s been making crazy strides forward we well. People might not need some AI to represent them, but choose to represent themselves and be seen in whatever way they choose in the virtual world.

It’s fun to think of these things. This kid’s game was more accurate in predicting the near future than many other science fiction stories I’d read. At least in ways relevant to me. There’s no real point to this post other than the nostalgia I get in thinking of this game and the possible future we could have.


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