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I’d Like To Game On a Linux OS.

Jul 2021 07
Windows 11 is coming out. Maybe it's the Mandela effect, but I was sure that Microsoft said 10 was going to be the last Windows numbered OS. I'm so tired of living on this operating system. It's so grating... I own an old laptop, a Latitude e6420. Installing Windows on that thing was such a wrong move. Nothing worked for long, the resources just ran dry so quickly. I installed Manjaro Linux and it's all good now, great for web browsing and word processing. Not much issue. My father has an older computer that would always slow to a crawl......

Buy Less Save More

Jul 2021 07
You know what's tempting? Buying stuff. Collecting stuff. Especially when you didn't have money when you were younger. I bet this happens SO DAMN MUCH in life, ya'know? Tell me if you've heard this story. Someone grows up poor. Their parents are strict with money and how it's spent and used while still staying poor. That person grows up and when they finally get a job that pays money they start spending it on the things they wanted as a kid and couldn't have or on nice things in general that they couldn't have had before. WHILE ALSO STILL STAYING......