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Buy Less Save More

Jul 2021 07

You know what’s tempting? Buying stuff. Collecting stuff. Especially when you didn’t have money when you were younger. I bet this happens SO DAMN MUCH in life, ya’know? Tell me if you’ve heard this story. Someone grows up poor. Their parents are strict with money and how it’s spent and used while still staying poor. That person grows up and when they finally get a job that pays money they start spending it on the things they wanted as a kid and couldn’t have or on nice things in general that they couldn’t have had before. WHILE ALSO STILL STAYING POOR.

My God! I fell into that too, ya’ know? It’s so stupid. There was a while where I was buying old game consoles and games. I put a stop to that relatively quick. It’s a pricey hobby. Than I got into comic books. I should have stopped that a long time ago, but I didn’t until just recently. That’s a sinisterly sneaky hobby. A book here and there and the prices start racking up so quickly. You can read through them pretty quickly too. Cheap clothing? Bargain clothing? It’s a damn cheat. At a certain point you don’t really need more clothing. WHY? Just save your money. I think all of this is a piece of that poor mentality that just stayed in my head.

I live in a glorified storage closet and I’m running out of storage. My room is filled with totes of comics and trash bags of clothing I have no room for. FOR A SIGNIFICANT AMOUNT OF TIME mind you! What was I thinking? Living like that? Who needs all this stuff??? Stuff that costs money?? Money I could be putting towards a house? Why do I need things when I don’t have a house to put those things in?? It’s all so pointless. I surround myself with things like I’m someone with a home. I HAVE NO HOME. THIS IS SOMEONE ELSE’S HOME. I just live there.

I drastically started lowering the amount of things taking up space. I got rid of, I think, 6 kitchen trash bags full of clothing. I’ll send that to Goodwill or something, iunno. I also just started giving and sending comics away to friends. I don’t need to collect them any more. I DON’T NEED THEM. I kept a handful of clothing that I plan to wear and a handful of comics I really enjoy reading. I’m done with all these bags and totes sitting in my room though.

You know whats another deceptive spending practice? It’s so convenient. I can basically buy things with money I will have instead of with money I do have. It’s SO EASY to spend money you don’t have on you immediately, but WILL HAVE in a months time! No more of that crap either. I got some things heading over now- that’s done and over with, paid for, but I can’t keep that crap up! To what? Store in a house that’s not mine?? The safest bet is to just delete my Kickstarter account.

You may read this and think that I just came into some realization that I’m a hoarder, I’m not! This is some delusion of grandeur crap. Who the hell am I to be buying all this crap and storing it in someone else’s house? EH?? Of course I don’t have space! THERE BARELY SPACE FOR ME! When I move I can make space, I can set everything in my house just right. I’ll could always make some space, get a bigger closet- something. I can’t do that here and I can’t pretend like these ‘hobbies’ are okay to have either. IT’S COSTING ME MONEY, DOLLARS, IT’S GOING TO COST ME A HOME! I could be saving up for my house so much more quickly if I just focus that money towards the new house instead. I can’t be this IDIOT anymore.

Besides. Less stuff will make the move less of a hassle.


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