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I’d Like To Game On a Linux OS.

Jul 2021 07

Windows 11 is coming out. Maybe it’s the Mandela effect, but I was sure that Microsoft said 10 was going to be the last Windows numbered OS. I’m so tired of living on this operating system. It’s so grating… I own an old laptop, a Latitude e6420. Installing Windows on that thing was such a wrong move. Nothing worked for long, the resources just ran dry so quickly. I installed Manjaro Linux and it’s all good now, great for web browsing and word processing. Not much issue. My father has an older computer that would always slow to a crawl back in the day. It ran Windows 10 for a while. I installed Kubuntu and for what he does, watch movies and visit social media sites- it works great!

I’m no godly computer tech guy, but from what I can see Windows is becoming a real pain in the ass to deal with. There’s always things in the background running that I don’t need and I can’t seem to turn off without finding some software that somebody created to turn those features off for me. My gaming computer recently rebooted from an update and Windows installed some little taskbar widget that tells me the weather outside and the local news. I thought I turned off sharing my location in the setting? How is it giving me weather and local news? It’s must’ve lied to me- simple.

I enjoy the KDE Linux experience. I’d like to just live there now. The only thing kinda’ stopping me is the whole gaming experience thing. It’s 2021 and things have come a long way when it comes to PC gaming on a Linux machine, mostly thanks to Valve, the company behind the Steam gaming platform. One big thing for me at the moment is an online game that I play and I can’t play that on a Linux OS due to it’s anti-cheat protection that only works on the Windows OS. Cheat protection seems to be a road block. Besides that, not all games run that well yet. I’m building a second computer with some extra parts I had so what I might just do is live on the Linux PC and remote play on the Windows PC. We’ll see.

At the moment Windows 11 seems to have some strict rules on what can or can not run it and it’s looking like none of my machines will make the cut. The end of life cycle for Windows 10 seems to be at 2025. I’m hoping by than Valve has the fix I need.


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