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I’d Like To Game On a Linux OS.

Jul 2021 07
Windows 11 is coming out. Maybe it's the Mandela effect, but I was sure that Microsoft said 10 was going to be the last Windows numbered OS. I'm so tired of living on this operating system. It's so grating... I own an old laptop, a Latitude e6420. Installing Windows on that thing was such a wrong move. Nothing worked for long, the resources just ran dry so quickly. I installed Manjaro Linux and it's all good now, great for web browsing and word processing. Not much issue. My father has an older computer that would always slow to a crawl......

Battle Network Was Kinda’ Spot On

Apr 2021 23
Back in Middle School the Nintendo Game Boy Advance (GBA) was the console to have. It let you show off your game to friends and if you had a link cable you and your pals could set up a nice little multiplayer game too. One game that was popular between my group of friends was Mega Man Battle Network. It's a silly game where a kid has what amounts to a virtual pet that fights viruses in a world where everything is connected to the internet. My friends and I used to laugh about the premise a bit. The first......
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I’ve beaten GE3 a couple of times now and started playing with some new players recently. I have always hated the healing in this game because aiming towards a party member was a real pain in the butt. THIS PERSON THOUGH. Came up with an answer to the question SO SIMPLE that I was in awe. It was so retarded that I can’t believe I didn’t think of it Myself

For The King. It’s Fun… For Some.

Jan 2021 15
Recently got to playing a game on Steam called for the King. It's fun. The game starts with a set of campaigns for you to choose from there you (and up to two other players) choose from a set of character classes and the game drops you on a board where you will move your characters around. You move with set goals depending on the campaign as well as quests you might earn in towns you land on. As you move your characters around the board you may come across random events and enemies to fight. Once you land on......