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Buy Less Save More

Jul 2021 07
You know what's tempting? Buying stuff. Collecting stuff. Especially when you didn't have money when you were younger. I bet this happens SO DAMN MUCH in life, ya'know? Tell me if you've heard this story. Someone grows up poor. Their parents are strict with money and how it's spent and used while still staying poor. That person grows up and when they finally get a job that pays money they start spending it on the things they wanted as a kid and couldn't have or on nice things in general that they couldn't have had before. WHILE ALSO STILL STAYING......


Apr 2021 21
Man Fishing alone at a lake.I am a happy introvert. I like to be by myself. I only need a little bit of social interaction to be happy. That's the case with most introverted people, by the way. It's not that they don't crave any social interaction, but that they need less of it. Some people need to be outside and be around other people every two days, every week, every month. Me? I need it about every three to five month. Otherwise I am happy to be home alone with my animals, my garden, and having choices to do whatever I may want to......


Apr 2021 14
Money growingBefore I screwed up my blog and lost all my posts I had a post complaining about how difficult it was to save money with my family. I'll just type that up again. My mother and father were not money savvy. I have been living in a rented house, somebody else's house, since I was about Eleven. Since I was a child the only financial lesson I learned from them is that you have to work hard for your money. Not what to do once you have that money, not to save that money, not how much of it to......
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I’m using a fediverse account to microblog. Thought WordPress would be the way to for that, but uploading images and such to it from my phone for short things is a pain in the butt.


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I live in a very small space. Almost depressingly so. Finally moved the furniture and shelving and earned a bit more floor space out of it. Funny how just changing up your space a bit can give you a nice bump in positivity. This’ll give me a chance to get some more exercise done.

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Got new keycaps for my keyboard. The color scheme really caught my attention. Really happy with the way it looks. Finally had a bit of cash on hand to splurge and no regrets on the purchase.

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Got my hands on coconut flour recently. Going to try and mess around with it to see if I can make some nice tasting waffles. Tried a combination with eggs, mozzarella, and the flour. Came out really dry though. Not sure if that’s from a lack of milk or because I used too much flour. I’m leaning towards to much flour though. Was aiming for something more savory than DRY.

Next time around I’ll try for the milk instead of the the cheese and add less flour. If this comes out well it’ll make chowing down without grains a good amount easier.

Stumbled upon this video for carnivore diet friendly waffles and am excited. Really want to try this out. Not so much because I’m on carnivore or keto, but because I’m trying to remove grains and sugar from my life. This would be a great help. Once I try it myself I’ll update this post.

Been about six months since Princess died. She has been with the family for almost 17 years. Due to idiocy on my part the blog was lost and I wanted to re-post these images first thing. Kinda’ important, for me, these images to be easily available on the net if I want to access them from anywhere.