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Buy Less Save More

Jul 2021 07
You know what's tempting? Buying stuff. Collecting stuff. Especially when you didn't have money when you were younger. I bet this happens SO DAMN MUCH in life, ya'know? Tell me if you've heard this story. Someone grows up poor. Their parents are strict with money and how it's spent and used while still staying poor. That person grows up and when they finally get a job that pays money they start spending it on the things they wanted as a kid and couldn't have or on nice things in general that they couldn't have had before. WHILE ALSO STILL STAYING......


Apr 2021 14
Money growingBefore I screwed up my blog and lost all my posts I had a post complaining about how difficult it was to save money with my family. I'll just type that up again. My mother and father were not money savvy. I have been living in a rented house, somebody else's house, since I was about Eleven. Since I was a child the only financial lesson I learned from them is that you have to work hard for your money. Not what to do once you have that money, not to save that money, not how much of it to......